How To Start A Youtube Channel?

When: 3rd June 2022; 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Where: Zoom

YouTube is one of the leading social media platforms in the Philippines, and no wonder that a lot of people are eager to know about starting their own channel and eventually making a business out of it.

In this webinar, Jonathan shares his experience in running different online platforms, and how he got his YouTube channel started when there are no opportunities available. As a content creator for almost 10 years, how did he keep his creative juices flowing? What are his sources of creativity? Jonathan will talk about all of these and how to be a YouTube content creator not just by theory, but by first-hand experience.

About our speaker

Jonathan Orbuda.jpg

Jonathan D. Orbuda, a BSBA Economics Graduate; and the man behind, was established on July 1, 2013. His passion for writing online content as his personal diary became his door to enter the newsroom of The Pillar Publication – the University of Rizal system official paper, as section editor. 

After graduation, he worked in a bank, and wrote for and; currently working in the BPO Industry for almost 10 years. Due to lack of opportunities – for his artistry to get published in traditional media, he decided to create his so-called online visibility named which became one of the longest-standing, searchable and active lifestyle blogs. Due to the dramatic changes of the online platforms, he then venture out to Youtube, Facebook , among others.  His understanding in digital content creation is NOT based on theory but based on first-hand experience.

Recently, he works for various brands to help penetrate the complicated algorithm to achieve their target market. Now, he is part of Training Vision Institute providing word class education on how to ace the new world of “no-boundaries” –the DIGITAL WORLD.

Learn how you can become a super content creator!